a lonely bed in Baltimore

performances from Baltimore artists.

cumming soon.

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owner of a lonely bed on local internet radio.

Thanks Chris and Dave for inviting me to be a guest on your show. I brought my handy camera phone so I can get some video footage of the recording. I got a chance to interview them before they asked me a couple of questions about my projects. enjoy!

Listen to the show!

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Elmo Kirkwood

I asked Elmo if he wanted to play a song on my bed. He just kinda sat down and started playing, so I turned on the camera. I think we were both happy we caught most of it on tape. I asked if he wanted to do another. I think Elmo has an obsession with the Spiderman theme song.

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Sallie Scheufler

After you watch this amazing performance by my good friend Sallie Scheufler, read below for a funny story. enjoy!

Sallie got mad at me. I started laughing really hard at the end of her performance. She ended up throwing a condom at me and calling me a fucker. I deserved it.

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Stephen Steinbrink

I love this cover of Nina Simone’s When I was a Young Girl by Stephen Steinbrink. Stephen insisted on an extreme close-up for his performance on a lonely bed. I asked him why and he simply said, “I want to take the bed out of the bed project”. I am glad he did. enjoy!

Check out Stephen Steinbrink + French Quarter music! http://www.myspace.com/frenchquartermusic

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Cory Bergquist

It’s a Long Way to the Stars performance. enjoy!

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Who is GG?

A guerrilla girl? nope.

A macho/feminist artist? YES!

Thanks to GG for performing on a lonely bed. enjoy! (viewer discretion is advised by the viewers who discreet.)

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